Goscandi is a young and ambitious Scandinavian style brand based in London. We offer a collection of high-quality minimalist home decor and accessories designed in the UK and crafted in Northern Europe. All Goscandi products are made from eco-friendly materials focusing on sustainability and function as we are trying our best to leave the smallest environmental footprint possible. 

The brand Goscandi was created by an interior designer and stylist Ana Saprygina who personally designs all Goscandi products. This project results from Ana’s love for minimalism, modern Scandinavian design, photography, and a desire to share her passion with like-minded people. At Goscandi, we set ourselves a goal to create a perfect collection that reflects the essence of Scandinavian living – simplicity, aesthetics and quality.

The majority of Goscandi products are crafted by our trusted partners, who are only using energy coming from renewable sources throughout the entire production process. Everything from the OEKO-TEX standard fabrics to the final product is mainly made in one single place, adding to the eco-friendliness of our production. We collectively make certain that all leftovers are being reused, recycled or donated ensuring nothing is going to waste. Goscandi is proud to be working with craftsmen who continue the long-lasting traditions of their trade and share our views on the importance of sustainability.

Goscandi packaging is fully recyclable in addition to the fact that linen, which we use a lot in our products at the moment, is an ecological and biodegradable material that does not require any pesticides or other chemical treatments to grow. 


To us, Goscandi is more than just a brand, it is a lifestyle. This is why we believe that now is just the right time to go Scandi. Why? Well, because In Scandinavia, the ability to enjoy the pleasure of being at home is central to finding happiness. Finding a sense of intimacy and togetherness can start with Danish Hygge – enjoying the good things in life. It can continue with the Norwegian idea of koselig – cosiness – which you achieve by surrounding yourself with koselig things. In the comfort of your own home, reading a book, tea simmering, snuggled under a blanket, you may have the Swedish feeling of Lagom – “not too much, not too little”, just enough to make the most of the moment. Whatever route to happiness you’ve found, we are delighted that it brought you here. Now let’s go Scandi together!